Seed & Edible Cleaning and Separation Systems
Dwight Kinzer, dba Process Equipment & Design LLC specializes in the preparation of Process Flow Diagrams, Master Planning, 3D and 2D CAD Designs & Layouts, and Program Management of Cleaning, Separation, Dust, and Packaging Systems for Seeds and Edibles.

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segregated storage for identity preserved grains / commodities and fracking sands

Cluster of 37 Hexagon Bulk Storage Bins

Dwight Kinzer is the inventor and exclusive designer of Hexagon Bulk Storage Bins for segregated storage used to preserve identity of seeds, grain, edibles, or feed mill ingredients

3D Assembly of an Ear Corn Seed Shelling Tower

Corn Seed Shelling Tower

Three (3) Corn Seed Shelling Systems with Kice Multi-Pass Aspirators and BMW Screeners.   General Exhaust Dust Collection with Donaldson-Torit Filter.  Chantland open belt conveyor with moving tripper.  Universal Bucket Elevators.  Baker-Rullman bolted steel bins & hoppers

3D Design, Layout, & Engineering of Seed Cleaning

Corn Seed & Soybean Seed Cleaning

Conceptual 3D model starting from scratch in 30 days - about 240 billable hours using the following equipment:

  • Cimbria Delta 106 Cleaner
  • Oliver 3600 Gravity Separators
  • Satake EVO 800 Color Sorters
  • Oliver Sizers
  • Baker-Rullman Bolted Steel Bins & Hoppers
  • Gustafson Seed Treating Systems

3D Model, Fabrication Drawings, and Engineering of Corn Seed Dryer

Corn Seed Dryer

3D model and fabrication drawings of an Elevated Burner House, 600 HP Fan, and Pressure Chamber

3D Design, Layout, and Engineering of Bulk Storage for Corn & Soybean Seeds

Corn Seed & Soybean Seed Bulk Storage

3D model and fabrication drawings of 114 Baker-Rullman bolted storage with aeration and gentle let-down ladders.  Chantland belt conveyors with movable tripper.  General exhaust dust collection system.

3D Equipment Model of Seed Equipment

Oliver Mfg Hi-Cap 3600  Gravity Separator

3D model of an Oliver Mfg Hi-Cap 3600  Gravity Separator

3D Equipment Modelof Seed Machinery

3D model of a Cimbria Delta 143 Cleaner